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Dennis J. Scully began his career as an apprentice for well-known Nassau County plumbers, Lynbrook Plumbing & Heating. After working for several other plumbing and heating companies, Dennis began thinking of becoming a Long Island plumber on his own, starting his own plumbing and heating company. On June 28th, 1988, Dennis passed his competency examination and shortly thereafter Scully’s Plumbing was born in Malverne, NY. For many years Dennis worked alone, establishing a large clientele. 

Dennis Jr.’s interest in the latest Long Island heating technologies brought Scully’s Plumbing to new levels of knowledge, thus better serving the plumbing and heating needs of Nassau County. Dennis Jr.’s passion for heating intrigued his brother, Danny, who began researching the older plumbing and heating systems he saw in so many Malverne homes. It is this combination of knowledge that allows Scully’s Plumbing to better serve its Malverne residents, and all residents of Nassau County
  1. Great customer service professionals
  2. Highly trained and professional plumbers
  3. Upfront pricing 
  4. All phases of plumbing and hydronic heating 
  5. Water filtration systems
  6. Faucet and toilet repair and replacemnt
  7. Kitchen and bathroom remodeling
  8. Natural gas piping
  9. Gas water heater repair and replacement
  10. Gas boiler repair and replacement ​
  11. Oil to natural gas conversions